Thinking Negatively Can Actually Be A Positive

Thinking Negatively Can Actually Be A Positive

In todays world where we are told to think positive and spread positivity which is yes correct, but what if I said that thinking negatively can actually be a positive in some situations?

How can being negative be a good thing you say.

Well lets look at the example of someone who has started a new business or designed a new product. You are so immersed in it that hey this is perfect nothing can go wrong till it does and you are caught with an unexpected surprise...

Shit, I wasn't prepared for this.

We never asked the important question of (what if ?)

What will our solution be if this goes wrong ?

Why are you asking these questions, if you think negative then negative stuff will happen. Well no that is not the case, we are not belittling ourselves and saying our business/product isn't good. We are simply asking these questions and creating solutions because if/when it happens it's now an unpleasant surprise that we can now deal with and be prepared for instead of an unexpected surprise.

Now don't get me wrong you wont be able to prepare for and control every situation so you need to be able to say "Okay, this sucks" and move on. 

Would love to hear you thoughts on this, Do you agree? or do you think you should always be thinking positively? Please leave your thoughts down below in the comments section.


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