The Four Components Of Winning

The Four Components Of Winning

Here are the four components I believe you must have if you want to win in life.

1. Talent

2. Intelligence

3. Competitiveness 

4. Resilience  

Everyone has some sort of talent, don't doubt yourself but that will only get you so far. You must start to add intelligence which can be through books, podcast, YouTube, online courses, mentors etc. Then competitiveness, look at Michael Jordan for example he is a true competitor not just on the basketball court but off it aswell he is always competing to be the best.

Finally the most important component Resilience. The population gets smaller & smaller as you reach the centre of the circle which requires you to put in the hard work and keep going even when life gets tough.

Resilience is the power to stay in the fight when your fear is telling you to run. Even if you have set backs or loose a few times, pick yourself up, learn from it and keep working towards your goal/s.

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