The Betar Project

The Betar Project

If you haven't already noticed that I run a podcast called 'The Betar Project' which I started in December 2019 which was completely out of my comfort zone. For me it is a whole lot more than just a podcast, growing up being an introvert conversation never came naturally to me especially talking to complete strangers. But I quickly grew in confidence which has allowed me to talk to a vast range of personalities from all different walks of life. I quickly realised how common mental health is and how naïve we are as a society towards it.

2021 came around and I decided to take a look at the podcast and the direction I wanted to take it. I always knew I wanted to grow it but could never answer to what level and in what area.

Till now...

The Podcast has evolved so much and no doubt it will continue to evolve but I think I have found my purpose/niche in and around Mental Health. Now I am not a medical professional I don’t give advice that’s not what this podcast is about. This is not only a podcast it is a safe space for people to share their story and their journey through the struggles of life and how they have overcome it. What I love about it is that no matter your gender, age, race, colour, profession, beliefs, etc. everyone goes through the highest of highs and lowest of lows just at different levels and capacities.

My goal is to normalise speaking about Mental Health and ultimately crushing the stigma. I want to and I WILL be the #1 Podcast in the area of Mental Health in Australia and hey why not the world.

So stay tuned and follow this journey because I’m in it for the long game.

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