Everything Happens For A Reason!

Everything Happens For A Reason!

Are you someone who believes in fate, that everything happens for a reason and is a opportunity to grow or are you someone that crumbles when faced with an obstacle ?

Just finished reading a book called ‘The Obstacle is The Way' by Ryan Holiday and there is a story in there about the famous Thomas Edison. One night he was woken to find out that his factory was in flames, he didn’t panic, he calmly made his way down to see what was happening. The flames were massive and his whole factory with all his work was burning down. You would expect Thomas to be in a state of shock, upset, angry etc. But No, he called for his wife and kids and said come look at this you won’t see a fire this big and beautiful in your life. He was asked how he felt and his response was that’s okay just clearing out abit of rubbish. Crazy right, I know. But the next day he got to work rebuilding his factory and weeks/months down the line it was bigger and better then before, turning over 10 million dollars that year which today is over 200 million.

He not only suffered a spectacular disaster he recovered and replied to it spectacularly. He had every right to give up that night but he didn’t, he seen it as an opportunity and he capitalised on it.

In today’s world we loose our emotions over the smallest of things not going our way. We need to be able to except that we can’t control every situation but we can control how we react and deal with it. Look at everything that happens as an opportunity to grow and get better.

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